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He is 40 years old, he is married with Valeria and has 3 children

Sergio is a winemaker from his birth, he grew up with his father also winemaker, he studied in Mendoza with the best professionals of the country, he has worked in small, medium and large local and foreign wineries, specializing in high quality wines. He leads a team of professionals with extensive experience in winemaking.

Sergio runs marathons and road races, he also loves to play soccer.

Contact him at sergio@mondovinoargentina.com


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He is 49 years old, he is married with Gabriela and has 2 children.

Daniel is the commercial director of the company, with extensive experience in the export of bottled and bulk wines from Argentina.

Besides his work in wineries, he has led the official export promotion agency of the Province of Mendoza and he traveled from the world to promote the argentinian style in the markets.

He plays soccer in a championship for parents organized by his children´s school, and he dreams of being the top scorer while recognizing away from that goal …

Contact him at comercial@mondovinoargentina.com